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Environmental Policy

Attic is committed to a sustainable environment within the hostel. We recognise and value that our guests are already showing a commitment to sustainability and are reducing their environmental footprint by staying in a ‘shared living’ hostel. As a ‘gateway city’ hostel, Attic has traditionally been one of the first points of contact for travellers to New Zealand and by showing we encourage the world’s perception of New Zealand as ‘clean and green’ we will ensure positive first impressions and help maintain Attic’s position as a high rating and profitable hostel.

Within the Hostel

  • Signage throughout the hostel asking guests to turn off lights and taps when not in use and use our recycling bins
  • Attic staff are encouraged to adopt a similar sustainable policy whilst cleaning and hosting. 
  • Our hostel tour is to reiterate on these ‘green’ policies for both the guests and hostels benefit
  • Maintaining a commitment to a safe and healthy work environment which respects, supports and develops staff.
  • Providing a hostel accommodation experience for our guests which encourages them to respect and enjoy the cultural mix we enjoy.
  • Rather than throwing out clothes we operate a Red Cross clothing bin which guests can donate unwanted clothing
  • Food no longer required after a guest departs can be left in our food boxes for other guests to enjoy – rather than it be discarded to landfill


  • Minimising our impact on climate change by reducing the carbon footprint in all aspects of operations within Attic
  • Developing an ongoing sustainability practise that we continue to build on in running the hostel
  • Working with our owners, who are leaders in corporate and government sustainability, to meet or exceed accepted standards
  • Listen to our younger generation staff and guests to further develop, encourage and improve our inhouse practises.

Management planning and decision making

  • Recognising that New Zealand’s ‘green image’ must translate into action within the hostel  
  • Embrace the values of sustainability in our decision making
  • Commit resources in support of sustainability within the hostel operation where possible
  • Actively encouraging Attic’s suppliers and business partners to adopt sustainable business practices.