Alcohol & Noise Policy

Alcohol and noise levels:
Attic has stablished standards on onsite alcohol consumption and noise levels at night.

Keep it social
The Attic does not have a bar onsite, but we are happy for our legal age guests to bring alcohol onto our premises and enjoy a relaxed drink.
Guests may drink only within the common areas of the hostel – our outdoor terrace, kitchen and dining area.

No alcohol or food is to be kept or consumed in dorms or private rooms.
A $100 fine will be applied at check-out if there is evidence that this house rule is broken.

Our terrace and kitchen / dining areas are kept open for guests enjoyment until up to 11 PM.

In summary, we welcome our guests to enjoy a relaxed drink until 11 PM. Auckland has multiple entertainment precincts, venues, bars and restaurants and Attic’s great CBD location allows our guests to enjoy them after 11 PM if you wish to continue your night out. 

Our main purpose as a hostel is to provide a comfortable nights sleep for your party and all of our other guests. We believe 11pm is a very fair time to say no alcohol is permitted after this time. A fine of $100.00 will be charged to your account or lead booker if this rule is not adherred to. We also reserve the right to evict guests if we receive complaints or deem behaviour unacceptable.

There is no curfew in returning to the hostel but we expect all guests to respect the rights of other guests to a good night sleep. Please ensure you are quiet and respectable on your return to the hostel.