Who stays at Attic and why?

Attic Backpackers opened in 2014 and as of August 2021, we have had the pleasure of hosting over 70,000 guests, here at our award winning hostel.

The Attic has maintained a fabulous guest rating well over 8.0 on all our sales channels since opening and is usually Auckland’s highest-rating hostel.

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Individual travellers love The Attic

As our name suggests, Attic Backpackers has welcomed thousands of individual travellers & backpackers since our grand opening in 2014. Prior to the Covid-19 crisis, we operated at 97% occupancy – which is approximately 100 people staying in-house every single day!

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Group bookings at Attic

Groups of all sizes can book a private, sole-use room at Attic!

Attic allows our guests to book entirely private sole-use dorms. This allows groups, families and smaller groups of friends to book any room, or rooms,

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Attic’s Top Spaces

Unlike many of Auckland’s other smaller or cramped hostels, whom offer small or very little in the way of common spaces. We at the Attic, pride ourselves on the quality and number of communal spaces that are available for our valued clients.

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Attic Backpackers Top 5: Best Cafes in Auckland

As the spiritual home of the Flat White (screw you Australia) we like to think that us kiwis know more than just a thing or two about coffee. And, like most New Zealanders, our team are also caffeine, coffee and cake addicts.

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Adventures in Auckland: Foodie Hotspots around The Attic Backpackers

It’s everybody’s worst nightmare: Getting your team to unanimously agree on a spot for dinner. Well, thankfully, The Attic team are here to help you narrow the field with our favourite Auckland ‘hot spots’ or ‘foodie hubs’ found in and around the City,

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Attic Backpackers’ Top 5: Burger Joints in Auckland

Who doesn’t love a juicy burger and a sizable side of fries. There’s no question between our Team, we love burgers of all shapes and sizes, gourmet or fast, stacked or simple, meaty or vegan. Thankfully, there are so many brilliant burger bars to try here in Auckland.

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The Attic Backpackers Top 5: Desserts and sweet spots in Auckland

Auckland is the icing on the cake when it comes to New Zealand’s foodie scene. With so many different cultures and nationalities converging in one city, it’s no wonder why there’s so much variety here, especially when it comes down to sweets,

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The Attic Backpackers Top 5: Restaurants & Eateries in Auckland

There are many things that make Auckland great, but we think that the most irrefutable reason is the sheer number of different and exciting food spots to try, with over 1500 cafe’s and restaurants in Auckland alone, our team definitely had its work cut out to chew our way down to our top five.

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Adventures in Auckland: Entertainment & Activities

Adventures in Auckland in 5 min walk from The Attic Backpackers

As the bustling heart of New Zealand – Auckland is the country’s largest metropolis in both the size of its urban sprawl and in it’s population. Consistently ranked amongst the worlds top ten most liveable cities, Auckland is a diverse and inclusive city with no shortage of sights, sounds, smells, activities, restaurants and nightlife to entertain all.

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