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The Change from England to New Zealand

When you’re moving to another country it can always be daunting, especially for your first time living in another country, let alone getting out your country for the first time. Our manager gave us an insight on what his experience was like.

When the first thought came around of moving to another country I thought it was next to impossible, especially getting paid rubbish and working long hours. When my mate convinced me to move out here telling me everything
would be ok, I quit my job. Best feeling I ever had. Now I knew my dreams were coming true, but not yet. I still didn’t have a passport or a visa. Almost missed my passport appointment, which was 6 weeks before my flight, and visa only got approved 10 days before I flew. Living on the edge some might say.

Now I’m on my flight, never flown before, and watching copious amounts of films. The layover in Hong Kong was far too long and a very strange experience for the first time in another country. Didn’t have a clue how much the currency was
worth. Now on my way to New Zealand I was trying to imagine what New Zealand would be like.  Would the people be nice? Will I be able to understand them? Will it be too hot?
As soon as I got here all my fears or any doubt was gone. The people were so nice and the city of Auckland is so beautiful. My first ever hostel staying in was actually The Attic Backpackers, what a great start if I say so myself. First taste of hostel life and I loved it. Wanted the opportunity to work in one and within 2 weeks I was. The Attic gave me a great
start to New Zealand and gave me lots of help and advice for the rest of my time in New Zealand.

Now what I wasn’t expecting is how expensive food and alcohol was, I was shocked. I just assumed that it would be cheaper then England but apparently not. I was also surprised with the accent, I genuinely thought it was the same as the Australian accent. Also how chilled the country was as a whole but still very health and safety conscious. This proves how blind sighted I was to the rest of the world.

But within a matter of weeks I was settled, had a close group of friends, had a job, and was exploring NZ on my days off and seeing what it had to offer. So New Zealand was a great choice. Such an inviting country to all people of all nationalities and so easy to immigrate to.