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Destination: Matamata

When visiting New Zealand most people will make a stop in Matamata. Ugh hello! Hobbiton!? After travellers tick this off their list it’s standard to pass through to (supposedly) bigger and better destinations.
Recently I spent a couple of days based out of Matamata and I was pleasantly surprised by how close it is to some relatively low key super awesome attractions.
Let’s start with the obvious…
1.) Hobbiton:

I’m not a massive Lord of the Rings fan but I was pretty keen to check this out. The 45 minute guided tour is led by fanatics that have an insane array of knowledge on the production, the films and the location. The tour ends with a stop in Green Dragon in where you can have a complimentary beer or cider – specific to Hobbiton. If you don’t drink alcohol they also have a variety of choices for you!

The other tour option is to do the dinner… looks more like a feast fit for a… orc? Those are those big things right? Giants? I’m not sure I told you I wasn’t that informed on the films.

2.) Wairere Falls
At 153m this is the highest waterfall in all of New Zealand’s North Island. In my opinion it is also one of the most spectacular. The hike up to the top is steep but the view points along the way are a constant reminder of why it’s worth to keep going.
Once you get to the top you’ll be wowed. Mother Nature did real good with this one.

3.) Blue Springs – Te Waihou Walkway:
The Waikato region has so many special spots but the Blue Springs is one of my favourites. This spring produces 70% of the countries fresh water which is cool and all the colours of the water and scenery… we are not worthy.

4.) Tirau:

Not going to lie the only reason we went here was because their I-Site is this massive metal dog and next door to it they have these giant really suspicious looking sheep. Worth a 10 minute detour after the Springs Walk!