A short vacation to Auckland

Making the decision to leave home and explore the world for the first time is almost always a hard one. You’ll be leaving behind your friends, your family, everything you’ve ever known – all in exchange for new places, new people, and new cultures. It can be daunting, and exhilarating, all at the same time. Once the decision has been made, all sorts of things start to happen. Saving money becomes a priority; stress and excitement start to set in; and of course all the destination planning begins.

Here at The Attic, we’ve met thousands of different travellers with hundreds of different plans. Sometimes it’s a short, one-destination “vacation”, and sometimes it’s something longer that lasts several years and includes multiple countries. Quite often, people begin by thinking they’ll only be away from home for a few months, but then end up sticking around for an entire year thanks to a working holiday visa! You might even catch the buzz of working in a new country, and decide to never go home!

However, it’s not always easy to gain permanent residency, and visas around the world can be difficult and time-consuming. This means that for some, the end of the road has arrived and it’s finally time to go home.

Going back to where you’re from can be just as drastic as leaving it for the first time. You’ve been gone for ages, have had so many new experiences, and most likely grown in so many different ways. You could be looking forward to going home, catching up with friends, eating all your favourite comfort foods – everything that makes home, home, right?

But sometimes, you realize that it’s just not the same as it was when you left. Something seems a little different, or slightly off; your home may still be home, but there’s definitely been a change. Before long, you’ll realize it’s you. YOU’RE the one who has changed. Your experiences abroad have helped you to grow, to see the world from a new perspective. You still have the urge for sun, for mountains, for exploring. You still crave to meet new people and create new stories. The hunger for something different always seems to stick around, even after you’ve returned home…

But all of this isn’t always a bad thing. It develops us into being better people, to try new careers, to be inspired by what you have seen throughout your travels and take a piece of that home with you. Who knows, you might inspire other people to try new things, reach out of the comfort zone, and changes their life. GO INSPIRE PEOPLE!!!!

And of course, that’s how we all end up planning our next trip around the world 😉

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